• Electricity:  Rocky Mountain Power
  • Natural gas: Dominion Energy
  • Sewer:  Sewer service is furnished by Big Cottonwood Canyon Improvement District (BCCID), 8021 S. Brighton Loop Road, Brighton, UT  84121 , email: solidbccid [at] gmail.com (subject: Town%20of%20Brighton%20website)   (435) 645-7153  Brian Martain, General Manager.
  • In 1982 the Salt Lake County Commission adopted a resolution forming the Solitude Improvement District (SID) to design, construct and operate a sewer system. The funding application was approved in 1989 by the Utah Water Pollution Control Committee (now the Water Quality Board). Two bonds were issued in 1995 to begin construction. Series 1995A Sewer Revenue Refunding Bond was issued for $2,649,000 (to be retired in 2016). Series 1995B Sewer Revenue Refunding Bond was issued for $2,467,000 (to be retired in 2018). The refunding bonds bear no interest. Repayment has been according to schedule.
  • The sewer consists of a 10-inch diameter outfall sewer line from the mouth of the canyon to the Brighton Loop. All residents and businesses within 300 feet of the sewer line are required to connect. The name was changed to The Big Cottonwood Canyon Improvement District in 2009 when it incorporated the entire canyon sewer system. It contracts with the Cottonwood Improvement District for major maintenance projects and processing.
  • Water:  Big Cottonwood is the largest watershed area for the Salt Lake valley, covering over 50 square miles, and furnishing about 18% of the valley’s water supply. Sparkling mountain water reaches home faucets in 24 hours, with no intermediate storage reservoir. Some water storage is provided by snow…about 500 inches each year, which yields 27 inches of water (the valley gets about 16 inches of water yearly). Big Cottonwood provides some of the cleanest water of any source in the area. All water is sold on a wholesale basis to the 17 private water companies in the canyon by the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities. Those companies manage the delivery infrastructure, monthly testing and maintenance of their water systems.
  • Waste & Recycling:  Wasatch Front Waste